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About Us


The District’s Mission is to ensure that comprehensive, high-quality solid waste services are available to Clark County residents and businesses, and to supply environmental education and assistance to the community that will promote cost-effective and self-supporting waste reduction programs.


The District prepares a 15-year Solid Waste Management Plan  that sets out goals and programs for the district. The plan is updated every five years and the update is ratified by political entities representing at least 60 percent of the county's population and by the county commissioners, as well as being approved by Ohio EPA. To see the current Solid Waste Management Plan for the years 2013-2027, click here.

Click on the links to see past Solid Waste Management Plans for the years 2007-2022 and 2000-2014.

Board of Directors
Richard Lohnes, County Commissioner
Lowell McGlothin, County Commissioner
Melanie Flax Wilt, County Commissioner

Solid Waste District Policy Committee
Norm Carl Tim McDaniel
Karen Duncan Charles Patterson
David Farrell Melanie Flax Wilt
Len Hartoog

Technical Advisory Council
Bill Boone Chris Moore
Bill Cook Connie Strobbe
Chris Hall Marshall Whitacre
Sandy Henry Merritt Wichner
Anne Kaup-Fett  

District Staff
Chuck Bauer, Director cbauer@clarkcountyohio.gov
Ray Anderson, Recycling Facility Worker randerson@clarkcountyohio.gov
Deputy George Bennett, Environmental Officer gbennett@clarkcountyohio.gov
John Haughey, Recycling Facility Manager jhaughey@clarkcountyohio.gov
Bonnie Martens, Program Assistant bmartens@clarkcountyohio.gov
Linda Mitchell, GAC Assistant lmitchell@clarkcountyohio.gov
Steve Schlather, Program Coordinator sschlather@clarkcountyohio.gov
Deputy Brad Tillman, Environmental Officer btillman@clarkcountyohio.gov